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A great party doesn’t happen by accident. 

MOJO interprets classic and contemporary hits with an incredibly full sound, 3-part harmonies and textured layers of rhythm – with minimal technology and no digital masking – they are master musicians using technology to its greatest purpose. They’re also nice guys.

For prestige event planners needing impact but wanting an alternative to expensive celebrity performers, MOJO will set and command your stage. It will be the best evening of music you’ve ever seen from two feet away. 

Sets feature contemporary hits from The Weekend, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran; 90’s R&B from Ginuine, R. Kelly and TLC; classic pop from Madonna, Seal, the Eagles, Beatles, Smokey Robinson, Van Morrison; and, must-have party anthems like Sweet Caroline.

From Greenwich to NYC and the Hamptons, MOJO is a one-of-a-kind resource for beautiful background music and full dance parties.

Why book MOJO ?

  • Impact and prestige: world-class singing and virtuosic playing and personal style
  • For background music or a full-strength dance party
  • Vast repertoire of classic and contemporary songs
  • Full sounding harmony with minimal technology

The 2023 season is filling up fast. Reserve your date today!




What People Are Saying

“The emotional response one feels when first hearing Muhammad “Mo” Jami singing is like being stunned; you doubt your ears, as if what you’re hearing is coming from a recording.” – Audio Age blog. 


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