MOJO creates the best. party. ever.

About MOJO

The official band of 2019-2022 Greenwich International Film Festival “Changemaker Gala”, Greenwich Polo’s 2018-2022 seasons, and Renaissance Hotel’s Day of Discovery, MOJO has performed at most area country clubs, world-class restaurant events, charitable benefits, and block-rockin’ family parties from Greenwich to East Hampton, and from to Sun Valley and Napa Valley. 

MOJO is and has been the Saturday night house band at L’escale in Greenwich for nearly 7 years, and occasioned most Greenwich area hot-spots like J House (“Tony’s” opening party), Gabriele’s / Townhouse, and Trattoria 632.  MOJO is the darling of the event planner community. 

A great party doesn’t happen by accident. 

MOJO interprets classic and contemporary hits with an incredibly full sound, 3-part harmonies and textured layers of rhythm – with minimal technology and no digital masking – they are master musicians using technology to its greatest purpose. They’re also nice guys.

For prestige event planners needing impact but wanting an alternative to expensive celebrity performers, MOJO will set and command your stage. It will be the best evening of music you’ve ever seen from two feet away. 

Sets feature contemporary hits from The Weekend, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran; 90’s R&B from Ginuine, R. Kelly and TLC; classic pop from Madonna, Seal, the Eagles, Beatles, Smokey Robinson, Van Morrison; and, must-have party anthems like Sweet Caroline.

From Greenwich to NYC and the Hamptons, MOJO is a one-of-a-kind resource for beautiful background music and full dance parties.


“The emotional response one feels when first hearing Muhammad “Mo” Jami singing is like being stunned; you doubt your ears, as if what you’re hearing is coming from a recording.” – Audio Age blog. 

Critics liken his voice to Seal. A veteran entertainer, Mo’s passion is helping people connect, awaken and celebrate life through the power of song, a gift he received from his mother, herself a talented opera singer.

A close call with a televised singing competition caused Mo to redirect his artistic path, and today Mo is making his own music while also entertaining discerning, extraordinary private clientele.

Mo’s hobbies include fashion; and, when he’s not singing, look for him in the kitchen – practicing the skills he learned at culinary school. Soft spoken and modest, in love with life, Mo is an old-school gentleman. 


Producer (and drummer/percussionist) Alan Johnson is a first-call resource for complex and important live events, directed from his seat behind the drums.

He holds degrees in music and law (he’s admitted to state federal courts in NY and CT) and has a broad network of musicians and event support services. He heads an organization of a dozen different world-class musicians, hand selected from thousands for their extraordinary talent.

Clients include a former U.S. President, a royal family, governors, CEOs and billionaire finance and tech stars. Alan was a reputable studio and touring drummer in his 20’s – his bands toured with Blue Oyster Cult, Three Dog Night, Spinal Tap (!) and others. Alan avoids the cliché “music is my passion” instead relaying that resuming performing after law school was a matter of market demand: “With drumming, I do something slightly different, and I do it pretty well, so, happily, that created demand for me to continue.”

Alan spends his days counseling musicians, artists, athletes and business owners. “I’m the Dr. Phil of dysfunctional artist deals.” He’s also 6’ 10” tall, resembles the singer from Midnight Oil, is mostly vegetarian, has an affinity for bespoke suits, and served on the board of directors for


The ultimate experience


When size matters….MOJO expands its line-up for weddings, galas and other extraordinary events.

World-class voices, the finest most rugged musicians, all playing the heck out of greatest songs of our time. MOJO XL is big: up to 12 sharp-dressed players that create an elegant atmosphere with glamour, sophistication and emotion. Joining Mo Jami are Beatrice Andrei (a finalist on the X Factor in Europe) and Dina Montefuscoli (well-known in the Tri-State area). Beatrice has the range and control of Christina Aguilera, while Dina’s voice embodies “the soul of Amy Winehouse and power of Lady Gaga.” Ken Gioffre first played with Alan at age 13 and for the recent 20 years Ken has toured with Smokey Robinson’s band when not on stage with MOJO XL. Musical director Matt Oestreicher is currently conducting Smokey Joe’s Café on Broadway and has worked with Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Cee-Lo Green, Will i Am, Jon Bon Jovi, Jamie Foxx, and Alicia Keys. A-list players don’t always make a winning team, but good friends always do.“

Notable galas and large format event clients include:
Make-A-Wish Gala – 350 guests Gala – 275 guests
L’escale 2017 New Year’s Eve gala
United Technologies Aerospace Annual Fall Ball (600+ guests)


“Amazing Band”

“Danced All Night”

“Great Musicians & Sound”

“They Know How To Play to A Crowd”